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Employee Health Benefits - Webinars

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  How Do You Design, Set Up, & Implement ZaneHealth?Webinar_What_are_the_tax_benefits_of_using_ZaneHealth.png
New webinar discusses the specific steps companies should take to implement a health reimbursement plan. Watch the webinar to learn how ZaneHealth can work for you!
  What Are The Tax Benefits of Using ZaneHealth?Webinar_What_are_the_tax_benefits_of_using_ZaneHealth.png
New webinar discusses how premium reimbursement is better than cash. Watch the webinar to learn how ZaneHealth can work for you. Watch the Webinar On-Demand Today!
Managing ACA Compliance with TechnologyACA Compliance Webinar
Uncover top compliance concerns facing small businesses, learn how to use state of the art technology to solve these problems for clients and prospects, why using technology streamlines your enrollments, and see how these solutions have worked for Scott Pearson and Premier Marketing Group. Download the Webinar Slide Deck Today!
As the health benefits marketplace changes, health insurance professionals are looking for ways to adapt and grow with the Affordable Care Act. Join us for this case study with Design Health's Josiah Allis to see how health insurance professionals can benefit from the changes to the marketplace. Watch the On-Demand the Webinar Today!
  Can Tax-Free Premium Reimbursement Work for You?iStock_000050873790_Small
Tax-free premium reimbursement is a health benefits solution many small businesses are choosing to pursue. Instead of selecting a group health plan to offer at your business, many employers are now letting employees buy individual policies and reimbursing them for their health insurance premiums. Watch the Webinar On-Demand Today!
  5 HR Data Points Every Small Business Should Track (with Calculations)
5 HR Data Points Every Small Business Should Track (with Calculations)
Budgeting for an HR department oftentimes comes last. It’s considered non-essential. However, costs can quickly escalate if recruiting, onboarding, retention, and turnover costs are not controlled. Basic tracking and analysis of your HR data can produce actionable insights and alleviate tremendous pressure on your HR department. Watch the Webinar On-Demand Today!
Employer-provided health insurance is the greatest financial risk facing most American families. It is also the greatest challenge facing U.S. employers, small and large, when it comes to recruiting and retaining top-quality employees. Business owners, health insurance professionals, and CPAs should watch this webinar to learn how to migrate from employer-provided health insurance to employer-funded individual plans to save 20 to 60 percent on health care costs. Watch the Webinar On-Demand Today!
With health reform in full effect, compliance is top of mind for employers,
health insurance brokers, and CPAs. As employers transition to individual health insurance and premium reimbursement, there are important compliance considerations to understand and comply with. Businesses, health insurance professionals, and CPAs should attend this webinar to learn about premium reimbursement compliance. Watch Webinar On-Demand Today!
HR Hero Webinar with Zane Benefits and BambooHRHR is the unsung hero of most companies, especially in small business. HR carries a huge load of important responsibilities—recruiting, benefits, compliance, retention! Yet, it's hard to get the recognition you deserve for all you do. Join Ben Peterson, CEO of BambooHR, and Rick Lindquist, President of Zane Benefits, as they discuss ways you can stand out as the HR hero you are and take it to the next level. Watch Webinar On-Demand Today!
By offering Premium Reimbursement solutions, brokers can retain clients canceling group health insurance, access an untapped market, and grow their business. Health insurance professionals should attend this webinar to learn how to identify and qualify the ideal customer for Premium Reimbursement. Watch Webinar On-Demand today!
ZaneHealth-2Premium Reimbursement Programs help businesses save 20% to 60% on healthcare costs, and are a powerful tool for recruiting and retaining key employees. Health insurance professionals and small businesses should watch this webinar for a discussion on reimbursing individual health insurance and on our proprietary Reimbursement Software, ZaneHealth. Watch Webinar On-Demand Today!
rick_lindquist_twitter2-resized-206The small business health insurance market is undergoing a dramatic transformation. Are you ready for this change? Health insurance professionals, CPA's, and employers should watch this webinar for a data-based discussion on the history and future of small business health insurance. Watch Webinar On Demand Now!
Defined Contribution Ideal CustomerCompanies are rapidly adopting defined contribution as a way to offer better health benefits that employees love. What types of companies benefit the most from this new solution, and how can your business benefit? Health insurance brokers and HR professionals should watch this webinar to understand the ideal customer for pure defined contribution health care. Watch Webinar On Demand Now!
Play or Pay WebinarBusinesses of all sizes are trying to wrap their heads around health care reform and what it means to your bottom line. There are new ways for businesses and employees to save a combined 50% on health insurance through the new individual health insurance marketplaces and tax subsidies. Businesses and health insurance professionals should watch this webinar to learn how health care reform impacts your business, and how to take advantage of these new savings. Watch Webinar On Demand Now!
PC ChamberHealth care reform is changing the landscape of employee benefits. There are new ways for businesses and employees to save a combined 50% on health insurance through the new individual health insurance marketplaces and tax subsidies. Park City businesses and nonprofits should watch this webinar to learn about key health care reform provisions, and how to take advantage of these new health care reform savings.  Watch Webinar On Demand Now!
Now more than ever, small businesses are dropping group health insurance and looking for alternatives such as defined contribution. This trend will only accelerate in 2014. What are you doing to retain small business clients during this benefits shift? Is your defined contribution partnership making you money? Health insurance professionals should watch this webinar to learn how to fully optimize and profit from defined contribution. Watch Webinar On Demand!
With the opening of the new Health Insurance Marketplaces in October 2013, many small business clients will cancel their group health insurance policy in favor of individual health policy offerings and defined contribution plans. If you do not offer your small business clients a defined contribution and individual health policy option, someone else will. Health insurance professionals should watch this webinar to learn how to retain small business clients with an "individual-based" defined contribution solution.  Watch Webinar On Demand!
Defined contribution with individual health insurance is the next big benefits trend. With this concept, employers fix their health benefits costs while employees obtain less expensive policies from an insurer of their choice. Health insurance professionals should attend this webinar to learn how to offer and profit from defined contribution plans and individual policies. Watch Webinar On Demand!
  individual health insurance marketplace overview
Starting in 2014, the Individual Health Insurance Marketplaces will make it simple and more affordable for employees to get health insurance that can't be canceled or denied because of pre-existing conditions. Purchasing insurance through a Health Insurance Marketplace will have several advantages including the ability to receive enormous tax credits that lower your health insurance costs. Anyone interested in understanding how the Individual Health Insurance Marketplaces will work in 2014 should attend this webinar.  Watch Webinar On Demand!
As health care reform phases in, almost every employer should consider simply dropping its group health plan and allowing employees to buy their own health insurance coverage in the exchanges. Anyone interested in understanding how to administer a defined contribution health plan 100% online should attend this webinar. Watch Webinar On Demand!
Public and private exchanges have the same core compenents, but public health insurance exchanges enjoy several key advantages. For example, individuals can only access premium tax subsidies through the public exchanges. So, how do you determine if a public or private health insurance exchange is the right solution for you or your business? Anyone interested in understanding how to compare public and private health insurance exchanges should attend this webinar. Watch Webinar On Demand!
Defined contribution health benefits are strategy that gives employees maximum choice, while giving employers complete control of health insurance costs. Health Insurance Professionals should attend this webinar to learn how they can offer custom defined contribution healthcare solutions. Watch Webinar On Demand!
New studies predict that U.S. businesses are gearing up to abandon traditional health coverage in favor of the defined contribution model. Health insurers are already dusting off their once-ignored individual market product lines to appeal to individuals as well as employees. And, businesses of all sizes are looking to defined contribution models to control benefits costs while keeping employee morale and retention up. Watch Webinar On Demand
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires CPAs, tax advisers and accountants to be experts on the key provisions of health care reform. As a result, tax advisers will now be the "go-to" for all health insurance decisions. CPAs, accountants and tax advisers should attend this webinar to become experts on the key tax-related provisions of health care reform. Watch Webinar On Demand!
Thanks to health care reform, most Americans can now get better, less expensive health insurance coverage on their own than they can through a traditional employer plan. Employers and health insurance brokers should attend this webinar to learn when and why they should switch to defined contribution health benefits. Presented by Paul Zane Pilzer, Founder & CEO of Zane Benefits. Watch Webinar On Demand!
The biggest buzzword of this decade in the employee health benefits market is "Private Health Insurance Exchange." Learn what a private health exchange really is: a store or shop specializing in health insurance merchandise! Watch Webinar On Demand!
Due to the rising costs of traditional employer-sponsored health insurance, defined contribution health plans are gaining popularity in the U.S. With health care reform taking full effect in 2014, the defined contribution model is becoming a mainstream model for employee benefits. Watch Webinar On Demand!
Small business health insurance has evolved. It's no longer just a simple annual renewal. Stop relying on guesswork and hunches to drive your insurance and employee benefits offerings. Presented by Paul Zane Pilzer, Founder & CEO of Zane Benefits. Watch Webinar On Demand!