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  • Less than 46% of small businesses offer group health insurance today. Tweet this Stat!

  • Individual health insurance plans cost 1/2 the cost of group health insurance for 80% of employees. Tweet this Stat!

  • Up to 60% of educated employers plan to pursue alternatives to offering health insurance after 2014. Tweet this Stat!

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Our signature webinars offer interactive training for employers, HR departments, and insurance professionals. View upcoming and on-demand webinars.


Our collection of whitepapers covers the following topics: health reform, defined contribution, individual health insurance, compliance, and employee health benefits. View whitepapers, eBooks, and checklists.

Case Studies

Our data-driven testimonials from employers and health insurance agents show real-life success stories of ZaneHealth and defined contribution. View case studies.

Health Benefits Kits

Just getting started? Our health benefits kits provide several resources in one download. Topics include defined contribution, health reform, cost saving calculators, and more. View health benefits kits.

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Did you attend a conference where Zane Benefits spoke? Conference packets and presentation slides are available for download. View conference packets.

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Zane Benefits' award-winning blog covers trends in HR, employee health benefits, small business health insurance, compliance, health reform, and healthcare industry trends. Subscribe for daily or weekly updates. View blog.