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Employee Health Benefits - Tools

Health Benefit Tools

Health Insurance Cost Comparison
Group health insurance is not sustainable for every business. Get ahead of your renewal by completing an insurance cost comparison. You'll receive a comparison of your group insurance coverage to individual insurance, the help of a healthcare expert to guide you through the process, and a financial evaluation to determine what health benefits make sense for your company and employees. Submit request today!
Health Benefits Assessment
Evaluate your current health benefits program for areas of improvement. You'll learn how your benefits stack up compared to other companies of your size, how your current benefits compare to other plan options, and what opportunities exist for cost and tax savings.
  Defined Contribution Readiness Worksheet
1. Does your organization have 1 or more employees? 2. Has your organization offered several plan options for employees in the past? 3. In past years, have you passed health care coverage expenses on to employees? If you answered “yes” to these questions, transitioning to a defined contribution may be a good fit for you. Talk to a Zane Benefits expert for a free defined contribution assessment. Submit request today!