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Employee Health Benefits - Kits

Health Benefit Kits

Individual Health Insurance Cost Analysis Kit

Health care reform has changed the landscape of employee health benefits and there are new advantages to individual health insurance. If fact, small businesses nationwide are switching to individual health insurance reimbursement to offer better health benefits at a controllable cost. This 5-part kit helps owners and managers learn why individual health insurance is better, how to calculate the cost savings, and how to set up a reimbursement plan. Download the Cost Analyisis Kit >>


Defined Contribution & Health Care Reform Cost Analysis Kit

Health care reform is changing the landscape of employee health benefits. There are new ways for small businesses and employees to save a combined 50% on health insurance through the new individual health insurance marketplaces, federal tax subsidies, and defined contribution. Businesses need to understand their obligations, and act now to take advantage of new cost saving opportunities. This kit includes five of the most popular defined contribution and health care reform resources, including resources and worksheets. Download the Defined Contribution Cost Analysis Kit >>>


Small Business Defined Contribution Starter Kit

Small business health insurance has evolved. It's no longer just a simple annual renewal. Now, it's defined contribution health benefits and health insurance exchanges. The small business defined contribution starter kit will help you get started with creating engaging and effective employee health benefits that will help you recruit and retain the most valuable employees. This kit includes the latest on healthcare reform and how to best deliver a health benefits program utilizing defined contribution health benefits. Download the Small Business Kit >>>

Defined Contribution Starter Kit

Broker and CPA Defined Contribution Training Kit

Traditionally, companies offered employee health benefits via group health insurance plans. But, there is a radical transformation taking place in the work force today. Rather than paying for a group health plan (a “defined benefit”), employers can now set a defined contribution for employees to use toward individual health insurance plans and medical expenses. With a defined contribution health plan, employers can fix their health insurance expenses on a monthly basis. Defined contribution health benefits can help overcome the hurdles small businesses face, like minimum contribution and participation requirements. Download the Broker and CPA Training Kit >>>


NAHU Defined Contribution Kit

Zane Benefits is proud to be a corporate partner of the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU). As a new Corporate Partner, Zane Benefits is giving all NAHU members special access to its defined contribution and private health exchange resources.  Zane Benefits’ online health benefits platform allows brokers and consultants to offer a customized defined contribution and private exchange solution. Together with NAHU members, Zane Benefits hopes to continue to bring new solutions to the employee health benefits market. Download the NAHU Kit >>>

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