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Employees keep their health plan if they leave the company.

Individual health policies are permanent and portable, independent of their employment. This is especially valuable for employees with preexisting medical conditions in their family since these are the employees most likely not to be able to come to work due to illness.

With ZaneHealth, employees own the plan, and if they leave the company, they can take it with them without being required to pay expensive COBRA premiums. 

Our customers love this.

"ZaneHealth is one of the reasons we've had so little turnover. We can control and predict our costs and the staff gets a flexible health care benefit that normally isn't offered in our field."

Kids Dental
Patti DeLano,

Office Manager, Dental Alternatives

Check Out These Additional Features

Your business sets a monthly healthcare allowance — a "defined contribution".
Individual health plans cost up to 50% less than traditional group health insurance.
Employees choose the coverage and doctors that best fits their family's needs.
Employees can access their online portal 24/7
We're here to help.
Contact us and we will answer any questions you may have.
See how our simple solution automates compliance and saves you time.
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