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Lower Costs

Lower Costs

Individual plans cost up to 50% less than group health insurance.

On average, individual health insurance plans cost 20% less than traditional group health insurance, and special "discounts" are now available for plans purchased in the Health Insurance Marketplaces.

These discounts, called “premium tax credits,” will help eligible employees buy individual plans at reduced price.

When you factor in your ZaneHealth defined contribution, many employees will have 100% of their premium covered.

Our customers love this.

"We used to offer group health insurance, but with the changes in the market, setting up ZaneHealth for our employees made much more sense. Not only have we seen savings, but our employees are spending less out-of-pocket and getting better health care."

The Feet, Inc.
John Buoniconti

Vice President, The Feet, Inc.

Check Out These Additional Features

Your business sets a monthly healthcare allowance — a "defined contribution".
Employees choose the personal health plan that best fits their family's needs
Employees keep their health insurance when they leave the company.
Employees can access their online portal 24/7
We're here to help.
Contact us and we will answer any questions you may have.
See how our simple solution automates compliance and saves you time.
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