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How PeopleKeepĀ® Satisfies Employees

Explore our platform's key employee features below.


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Real Dollar Contributions

Give each employee a fixed, real dollar contribution that they choose how to spend. PeopleKeep allows the company to assign contributions by family status. Contributions can be provided via reimbursement or stipend and there are no minimum funding requirements.

Online Access

PeopleKeep is easy for employees to use and understand. Each employee receives a secure, online benefit portal where they can access all of their information, including their real dollar contributions. Employees can log on to their personal portals 24/7 via web and mobile devices.

Consumer Services

All PeopleKeep benefit programs are consumerized. This means employees purchase consumer services directly from providers with unrestricted choice. All consumer services are employee-owned and portable independent of employment. This means employees can keep their benefits even if they leave the company.

Shopping Assistance

The PeopleKeep consumer marketplace connects employees with specialized service providers that can help employees shop for what best fits their needs. This includes real people to talk to, email support, online chats, and a comprehensive help and tutorial center.


PeopleKeep integrations allow employees to connect existing providers to their portal and track key product information. For example, the health insurance integration allows employees to connect their health plans and keep track of deductibles, coverage status and policy details.