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Defined Contribution Healthcare Allowances

Defined Contribution

Take control over your healthcare budget.

With ZaneHealth, your company sets a monthly allowance — a "defined contribution"—that accrues in your employees’ healthcare balance. Here's how it works:

  1. Employee purchases a health insurance policy.
  2. Employee submits request for reimbursement.
  3. ZaneHealth verifies the employee's request.
  4. Company reimburses employee tax-free up to his or her available balance.

There are no minimum or maximum requirements, and your company can vary contributions by employee classifications. Best of all, this process takes less than 5 minutes per month to administer online.

Our customers love this.

"Our group plan was costing the company $846,000/year for our 112 employees. We decided to drop our group plan and start offering ZaneHealth. This dramatically cut our expenses and allowed most of our employees to purchase individual health plans for less than our monthly contribution of $100 to $200/month."

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Linda Devin

Cardinal Homes

Check Out These Additional Features

Administer ZaneHealth online in less than 5 minutes per month.
Give different employee allowances based on job criteria and family status.
Use real-time reporting to monitor employee utilization and track balances.
ZaneHealth reimbursements are tax deductible to your business.
We're here to help.
Contact us and we will answer any questions you may have.
See how our simple solution automates compliance and saves you time.
Check out our resources on personalized employee benefits and HR.