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Custom Implementation

Custom Implementation

Design ZaneHealth to meet your recruiting and retention goals.

ZaneHealth is completely customizable to your business needs.

Our implementation team will walk you through a custom setup process to ensure your benefits are designed to meet your unique recruiting and retention goals.

This means designing the perfect health benefits plan to create happier employees within your budget.

Our customers love this.

"Being able to offer health benefits has been a great asset to our museum in recruiting and retaining key employees."

Park City Museum
Sandra Morrison

Park City Historical Society and Museum

Check Out These Additional Features

Individual health plans cost up to 50% less than traditional group health insurance.
Start offering ZaneHealth in less than 15 minutes online.
ZaneHealth helps you comply with applicable regulations.
Designate health insurance professionals to help employees select a plan.
We're here to help.
Contact us and we will answer any questions you may have.
See how our simple solution automates compliance and saves you time.
Check out our resources on personalized employee benefits and HR.