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Employee Choice


Allow employees to choose their coverage and doctors.

Purchasing individual health insurance is now as easy as 1, 2, 3. There are NO questions about your health! Employees may be asked a few additional financial questions to see if they qualify for a discount, but that’s it.

Individual health plans are categorized by four standard levels of coverage called "metallic tiers." Within each tier, an employee can choose their coverage by insurance company, doctor network and deductibles.

Worried about employees? Use the ZaneHealth benefits advisor and designate a health insurance professional to help employees select a plan.

Our customers love this.

"A nice feature of ZaneHealth is that my employees choose their own insurance company. As a small business owner I appreciate the hard work my employees do for me and I want to reward them the best I can. ZaneHealth allows me to offer a benefit that will put money back into my employee’s pockets." 

Kids Dental
Sherri Velez

Business Administrator, Kids Dental 

Check Out These Additional Features

Your business sets a monthly healthcare allowance — a "defined contribution".
Individual health plans cost up to 50% less than traditional group health insurance.
Employees keep their health insurance when they leave the company.
Employees can access their online portal 24/7
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