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How PeopleKeep® Saves Time

Explore our platform's key administration features below.


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Easy Administration

PeopleKeep takes less than 15 minutes per month to administer online. Administrators can add and remove users, set up and modify employee benefit programs, and store important employee documents with a few clicks of a button. Best of all, renewals are automated to eliminate the pain of annual benefit reviews.

Automated Notifications

PeopleKeep makes communicating with employees seamless. From new hire to termination, the platform automatically distributes required notifications to employees. For example, new users receive welcome packets via email and the platform generates notifications when changes are made or action is required.

Employee Tracking

PeopleKeep allows your company to collect, store and track critical employee information in one system. For example, the platform stores employee personal and emergency contact information, job information, and employment forms. You can also track and share an organizational chart and directory with all employees.

Real-time Reporting

The PeopleKeep reporting features make real-time monitoring of benefits and employee utilization easy. Pre-defined reports take the guesswork out of figuring out which metrics are the most critical, and data exports allow you to organize the data based on what’s important to you.

Mobile Friendly

PeopleKeep is designed with a Mobile First approach. This means that you and your employees can access all features of the platform via any device including desktop, tablet or mobile phone without downloading an app.