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How our PeopleKeep® solution works:

  1. You set a monthly benefits allowance and invite employees.
  2. Employees request reimbursement for insurance and medical expenses.
  3. PeopleKeep reviews and verifies the request.
  4. You reimburse employees tax-free.
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Why choose PeopleKeep?


Eighty percent of employees say having choice in their benefits is very important. The PeopleKeep benefits platform helps your small business deliver that choice with:

  • Flexibility. You customize allowance amounts based on family status. Choose to include part-time employees in addition to full-time employees.
  • Freedom. Your employees shop for the best plan in their market based on their needs.
  • No prefunding. Your business keeps the unused allowance until a reimbursement is requested.


Six in 10 American businesses say they struggle with the complexity of their benefits. PeopleKeep gets rid of hassle and reduces the time you spend on benefits with:

  • No hassle. Setting up takes 30 minutes, with 5 minutes of admin time per month.
  • Peace of mind. We take care of the administrative busywork, including plan documents, descriptions, and procedures, so you can focus on your business.
  • Easy access. The PeopleKeep platform is available on desktop and mobile, with real-time reporting of employee requests and reimbursement status.


In the insurance world, it’s easy to feel confused or ignored. PeopleKeep supports your small business with:

  • World-class support. Our team responds within 1 hour on all inquires and verifies expenses and documentation within 1 business day.
  • Compliance. Our expert compliance team monitors laws and regulations to keep your plan up to date and in line with requirements.
  • Shopping assistance. Expert benefit advisors who assist employees each time they look for a new policy.
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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. What is a Small Business HRA and what does it have to do with PeopleKeep?

A Small Business Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) is a way for small businesses to give employees a monthly allowance to reimburse individual insurance and medical expenses. It's also known as the Qualfied Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement (QSEHRA). The PeopleKeep platform makes it easy for businesses to set allowances and record reimbursements, and for employees to submit reimbursement requests. Click here to get your free guide to the Small Business HRA.

2. Who can use PeopleKeep?

If your small business has fewer than 50 full-time employees and doesn’t offer another form of health insurance, you can use PeopleKeep. Full-time employees and their family members are eligible to use it, and businesses can choose to include part-time employees and their family members, too. There are no minimum participation requirements.

3. How much do companies need to budget for benefits?

The total cost is entirely in the company’s control. There are no minimum contribution rules, but there are annual federal limits of $4,950 per single employee and $10,000 per employee with a family.

4. Do all employees qualify for PeopleKeep?

Only W-2 employees are eligible for PeopleKeep. Spouses and children of employees can also have expenses reimbursed through PeopleKeep.

5. What can be reimbursed through PeopleKeep?

PeopleKeep can reimburse employees and their families for policies purchased on the individual market and out-of-pocket medical expenses. For a full list of HRA eligible expenses, click here.

6. How much time does it take to use PeopleKeep?

You can set up PeopleKeep within 30 minutes. After that, you’ll spend about five minutes a month managing your plan.

7. Does PeopleKeep take care of my compliance requirements?

Yes. PeopleKeep was developed according to the IRS tax code and medical privacy laws. Our experts ensure compliance by monitoring changes in health-care laws. All you need to do is keep your employee roster up to date and follow the steps to record reimbursements.

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