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Tax Professional Partners - Overview

With ZaneHealth, CPAs & Accountants can:

✓ Help clients with innovative cost-saving solutions
✓ Bring new tax deductions to clients
✓ Offer a “pure” defined contribution solution 
✓ Discount on Zane's products and services

Zane Benefits is expanding its Partner Network to tax professionals who:

  • Advise small and medium-sized businesses.

  • Recognize that innovation and choice bring value to their clients.

  • Want to be on the forefront of tax-savings solutions and do what is best for each client.

  • Have an established client base with an excellent record of service and retention.

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Ready to Start Offering ZaneHealth?

Zane Benefits has many partnership programs available. If you are looking to partner with a fast growing leader in defined contribution health benefits, we should talk.

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