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Vision Clinic Common Challenges

The Most Common Challenges Facing Vision Clinics

There are a number of challenges associated with owning a small vision clinic, from constant demands on Common_challenges_vision_clinicsthe owner’s time to never-ending budget constraints. There are, however, commonalities in the obstacles faced by small businesses. Understanding the expected pitfalls can shorten the learning curve in business management and operation.

Three big challenges for small clinics are healthcare costs, employee recruitment and retention, and attracting new customers. All three areas can be a tremendous burden on a optometrist’s time and budget.

Healthcare Costs

Many small and medium vision clinics can’t offer group health insurance coverage due to rising costs and restrictive minimum contribution and participation requirements. Following the passage of the Affordable Care Act, individuals now have an unprecedented number of options for health insurance that all meet a minimum standard of quality and coverage.  

Vision clinic employees can now get health insurance through their employer’s group plan, or get reimbursed by their employer for the cost of their individual plans. These new options mean that employers can provide their employees with high quality health insurance while controlling the cost of the benefit.

See our section on health insurance options for more information alternatives in plan design.

Employee Recruitment and Retention

Recruiting and retaining top employees is another major concern facing small vision clinics. With the preferences of the workforce becoming more diverse and dynamic, employers are in need of a more personalized approach to retain their employees.

A common challenge for small vision clinics when hiring is deciding between offering higher wages for more competitive prospects or lower wages for a lower, but more secure, skill set. Vision clinics shouldn’t feel like they are at a disadvantage when recruiting new employees.

Small vision clinics can competitively recruit employees by using employee referrals, adding a career site to their webpage, advertising on online job boards, recruiting interns, and using social media to recruit employees. An outstanding retention program can also give an edge to vision clinics looking to hire. Employee retention strategies include creating a high-feedback environment, customizing benefits strategically, and boosting employee morale.

Attracting New Customers

Finding new customers presents more of a challenge to small vision clinics because they generally do not have the astronomical budgets that larger optometry and ophthalmology facilities do. This can present a challenge when trying to compete with larger facilities' advertising and marketing strategies.

There exist a number of strategies for small businesses to attract new customers include online marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, and social media outreach. It is vital for small vision clinics to have a deep understanding of what customers really want and educate customers on everything their small business has to offer.

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