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A Veterinary Clinic's Guide to Benefits - Overview

Overview for Veterinary Clinics

There are over 29,000 veterinary clinics in the U.S., making up over 300,000 jobs and employing, on average, ten employees. As an industry largely made up of small employers, it can be difficult to Veterinary_clinicscompete with larger businesses – and larger budgets – for top talent.

As such, veterinary clinics look to benefits to help attract and retain key veterinary staff. Benefits commonly include health insurance, recruiting and retention programs. Particularly in the case of health insurance, the landscape is rapidly changing. The passage of the Affordable Care Act opened up new and affordable options for veterinary clinics wishing to provide health benefits to their employees.

The sections outlined on our left sidebar provide solutions and insight to the common business management challenges faced by veterinary clinics around the United States.

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