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Veterinary Clinic Additional Reading

Additional Reading to Help Veterinary Clinics

Why Veterinary Clinics are Switching to Individual Health Insurance

As a veterinarian, you invest 100% of your physical, mental, and emotional energy into long days of assisting and treating animals - and that doesn’t include the side work of hiring, managing an office, and dealing with group health insurance for your veterinary clinic.Veterinary clinic health insurance is not only time consuming, but costly. As such, something is beginning to happen -- many veterinary clinics are switching to individual health insurance as a way to free up valuable time and money. >> Read more.

Healthcare Benefits for Veterinary Clinics

A more ideal solution is for veterinary clinics and animal shelters to send their employees to the individual health insurance market. The clinic can still help their employees with their individual health insurance costs while remaining within the strict confines of their budget. >> Read more.

Defined Contribution - A Health Insurance Solution for Veterinarian Clinics

Defined contribution is a popular health insurance solution for small to medium sized veterinarian clinics. This article looks at why vet clinics and animal clinics are quickly adopting defined contribution as a health insurance solution >> Read more.

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