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Small Business Recruiting Ideas

Recruiting Ideas for Small Businesses

Good hires are key to the success of any company. This is true for mom-and-pop shops, startups, and small businesses... as well as Fortune 500 companies. But recruiting the right employee can be tough. Small businesses with limited time and resources need to be smart about recruiting new talent and make each new hire count.

Here are considerations to efficiently recruit the best talent in the industry.

Prepare to Recruit & Hire Small_business_recruiting

All too often, small businesses start listing positions and interviewing before they truly know what or who they are looking for. To hire the right employee the first time, take a step back and ask yourself these questions:

What Roles Will They Fill?

As you post the job and interview candidates, having a clear job description will help you hire the best candidate for the position.

How Much Help Do You Need?

Consider how much time you need from an employee. Do you need full-time or part-time? A contractor or consultant? An intern?

How Much Can You Afford?

If you’re like many small business owners, you worry about the cost of hiring and the return on your investment. As with every investment, consider: monthly cash flow, monthly profit, expected additional revenue, payroll costs, monthly taxes and benefits, and additional overhead costs.

How to Get the Word Out

Getting enough qualified candidates in the door requires more than just putting up a “we’re hiring” sign.

However, knowing how to spend valuable time and resources can be challenging. Recruiting doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming, but you do want to cast a wide net to find the most well-qualified candidates.

Six ways to find the top candidates include:

  • Employee referrals

  • Career website

  • Online job boards

  • Colleges & universities

  • Social media

  • Networking events

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