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Additional Reading for Small Businesses

Additional Reading to Help Small Businesses

The Simple Guide to Small Business Health Insurance

Building a successful business is hard work. Navigating small business health insurance, however, doesn’t have to be. While each small business has its own unique goals and challenges when it comes to finding health insurance, the good news is there are new opportunities for affordable health insurance. Wondering where to start? >> Read more.

Employee Retention - The Real Cost of Losing an Employee

For businesses to thrive in today’s economy, finding and retaining the best employees is important. This is especially true for small businesses and nonprofits competing with larger businesses, and larger budgets, for top talent. >> Read more.

FAQ: Does My Small Business Have to Provide Health Insurance?

As a small business owner, you may be asking, “Do I have to provide health insurance to employees?" No business has to offer health insurance. However, the Affordable Care Act includes a mandate for certain large employers (with over 50 full time equivalent employees) to either offer qualified and affordable health benefits, or pay a tax penalty. >> Read more.

Small Business Health Insurance Options for 2015

The cost of group health insurance is becoming unsustainable for small businesses, startups, and small non-profit organizations. Since offering healthcare is a crucial part of employee recruiting and retention, dropping healthcare benefits altogether is not a feasible option for most small employers. >> Read more.

Startups Don't Have to Forgo Health Insurance - 5 Tips for Finding Affordable Options

Many startup entrepreneurs feel daunted by the task of taking full responsibility for health insurance for themselves and their employees. This article provides tips for finding affordable options. >> Read more.

How to Calculate HR Employee Retention Rates

This article provides an overview of how to calculate HR employee retention rates, why employee retention strategies matter, and a best practices checklist for employee retention. >> Read more.

Employee Retention - How to Keep Millennials Motivated and Happy

What are Millennials looking for in a job? And, how can small businesses adapt their employee retention strategies to retain younger employees?  >> Read more.

Health Benefits Planning Workbook for Small Business HR