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Productivity - Additional Reading

Additional Resources on Productivity

You Need A lesson in Productivity: Meeting Deadlines

A study was published in the Journal of Consumer Research which reveals the key to getting motivated to meet deadlines and increase productivity. This article talks about the study, why you’re waiting until the last second to get tasks done, and how to trick yourself into meeting deadlines. >>Read more.

Don't Let March Madness Ruin Productivity: Tips to Avoid the Madness

There are millions of devoted sports fans or even just people excited to be a part of these talented basketball teams vying for the title of champion. From an employer perspective, you want to allow your colleagues to enjoy these morale boosting events, without compromising productivity. >>Read more.

Worried You're Not Being Productive? Try these Small Business Life Hacks

With so many life hacks for things we do every day, there has to be some pretty amazing ones for your small business, too, right? Of course there are! To help you run your small business more efficiently, we’ve put together some of the best life hacks to help you and your employees be more productive. >>Read more.

You’re Wasting Time - 7 Time Management Tips for Business Owners

Wasting time is one of the easiest things to do - everyone does it. However, for small business owners, time is extremely limited, and, when spent incorrectly, it can mean the difference between a bad day and a successful one. This article encompasses seven of the best time management tips for small business owners. >>Read more.

Do Employees Trust their Employer? (And Does this Matter?) [Study]

Despite the rebound in the U.S. economy and an improving job market, nearly 1 in 4 employees say they don’t trust their employer. And, only about half believe their employer is open and upfront with them. How important is trust to on-the-job satisfaction, and what does this mean for productivity and employee engagement? >>Read more.

6 Strategies to Keep Employees Happy - Number 6 is a Must See

The market for labor is currently in a state of hyper-competition. Companies everywhere are looking to expand, to increase presence in their respective spaces, and to hire top quality employees for new positions. From an HR perspective, this presents not only the opportunity, but a demand to create an environment conducive to happy, positive employees who have the desire to contribute their talents and hard work at 100 percent capacity. >>Read more.

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