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We've updated one of our most popular materials. See what's new in our guide to MERPs.

A Guide to Premium Reimbursement Arrangements

Additional Reading on Premium Reimbursement Arrangement

The Do's and Don'ts of Premium Reimbursement

Employers can provide reimbursement for premiums, however they should set up a formal plan and be aware of the do's and don'ts. We'll cover this and other best practices for Premium Reimbursement. >> Read more.

How to Calculate Cost Savings: Group Health Insurance vs. Premium Reimbursement

As small and medium sized employers evaluate health benefits, they consider two main approaches: group health insurance or reimburse employees for individual health insurance (aka premium reimbursement). One of the key decision-making factors is cost. This article outlines five steps to calculate the cost savings of group health insurance vs. premium reimbursement. >> Read more.

Infographic - How to Set Up a Premium Reimbursement Program

This new infographic outlines five steps for setting up a Premium Reimbursement Program the right way. >> Read more.

Whiteboard Session - Premium Reimbursement [Video]

This Whiteboard Session walks through the advantages of individual health insurance and how to set up a premium reimbursement plan. >> Watch video.

Why Premium Reimbursement for Individual Health Insurance Is About to Explode

This article takes a look at the new advantages of individual health insurance, premium reimbursement, and why the two are about to explode. >> Read more.

Why Use Premium Reimbursement Software?

Using Premium Reimbursement Software helps employers with the administrative tasks of the premium reimbursement plan and ensures compliance. >> Read more.

The ACA Rules for Premium Reimbursement Plans

A common question is how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) impacts these types of healthcare reimbursement plans. This article examines ACA rules for premium reimbursement plans. >> Read more.

The IRS Rules for Premium Reimbursement Plans

This article examines the IRS rules for these types of tax-preferred premium reimbursement plans.  >> Read more.

The 4 Key Tax Codes That Allow Tax-Preferred Premium Reimbursement

As businesses transition to premium reimbursement plans, it is important to understand the four key Internal Revenue Code (IRC) sections that allow for tax-preferred premium reimbursement. >> Read more.

See how your small business can save time and keep employees with a premium reimbursement plan.