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A Nonprofit's Guide to Benefits

Additional Reading to Help Nonprofit Organizations

Retention Ideas for Nonprofits

Health Care Reform 101 for Small Nonprofits

This "101" article outlines key provisions small nonprofits need to know about health care reform, also known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or "ObamaCare". >> Read More.


How Nonprofits Can Offer Health Insurance

Non-profits value providing health benefits to their employees. But for many non-profits, a traditional group health plan may not be cost effective for employees or the organization. This article outlines how nonprofits can offer health insurance. >> Read More.

3 Questions Every NonProfit Should Ask Before Choosing Health Insurance

Nonprofit organizations face important decisions about employee health benefits, especially as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) creates new regulations, and new opportunities, for employers. So, what are the key questions nonprofits should ask before choosing health insurance? >> Read more.

4 Reasons Nonprofits are Switching to Individual Health Insurance

Nonprofits need quality health benefits to attract and retain employees, but with affordable and controllable costs. To gain control over health benefits budgets in both the short-term and the long-term, nonprofits are switching from group health insurance to individual health insurance reimbursement. Why?  >> Read more.

How Individual Health Insurance Reimbursement Works for Nonprofits [FAQs]

This article answers ten common questions about how individual health insurance reimbursement works for nonprofits and employees. >> Read more.

Finally! Your Nonprofit Can Offer Affordable Healthcare

Due to the changes to the individual health insurance market, nonprofit organizations can finally afford to take care of their valued staff. Instead of providing expensive traditional group health insurance, many nonprofit organizations are helping employees by reimbursing individual health insurance premiums. Here’s why employer-funded individual health insurance is a cost-effective option for nonprofit organizations. >> Read more.

The Comprehensive Guide to the Small Business HRA