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A Nonprofit's Guide to Benefits - Overview

Overview for Nonprofit Organizations

nonprofit-overviewNonprofit organizations face important decisions about employee health benefits, especially as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) creates new regulations, and new opportunities, for employers.

Just like for-profit employers, the key reason nonprofits offer health insurance is for recruiting and retention. And yet, many nonprofits have been priced-out of traditional group health insurance.

HHS's Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality estimates there are nearly 500,000 nonprofit employers in the U.S., made up largely of small organizations. According to their data, nearly half of U.S. nonprofits have fewer than 10 employees and two-thirds have fewer than 50 employees. Additionally, only 47 percent of small nonprofits (with less than 50 employees) offer employees health insurance coverage.

With limited access to capital, small nonprofits often feel hard-pressed to offer or maintain health insurance coverage for their employees - even though it is something leadership, the board of directors, employees, and donors value.

Our nonprofit’s guide to benefits provides solutions and insight to the common business management challenges faced by small nonprofits around the United States.

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