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A Guide to Health Reimbursement Plans

Frequently Asked Questions about Health Reimbursement Plans

This section answers frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Health Reimbursement Plans.

What is a Health Reimbursement Plan?

A Health Reimbursement Plan allows companies to reimburse employees tax-free for individual health insurance premiums.

How does a Health Reimbursement Plan work?Health_reimbursement_plan_questions

With a Health Reimbursement Plan:

  • The company sets monthly healthcare allowances.

  • Employees purchase their own health plan.

  • Employees submit a reimbursement request.

  • One the request is approved, the company reimburses employees for the approved expense via payroll, check, or direct deposit.

How is a Health Reimbursement Plan Structured?

A Health Reimbursement Plan is a Section 105 Self-insured Medical Reimbursement Plan. It is structured to reimburse employees for health insurance premiums up to a specified monthly healthcare allowance, and basic preventive health services as required by Public Health Services (“PHS”) Act Section 2713.

How much time does it take the company to administer a Health Reimbursement Plan?

With the right Administration Software, an HRP takes less than 5 minutes per month to administer online. Companies use the software to add approved reimbursements to payroll. There are no time-consuming annual renewals, and employees maintain a direct relationship with the insurance company of their choice.

How does a Health Reimbursement Plan work for employees?

Employees select and purchase an individual health policy that best fits their families' needs, choosing any plan, from any carrier.

Employees submit a reimbursement request for their premium expense, and are reimbursed up to the amount available in their balance. Employees can keep their same network and doctors, and pick a coverage level that fits their health needs. Individual health plans cost 20% - 60% less than traditional group plans, and tax credits may be available to qualifying employees.

Is a Health Reimbursement Plan health insurance?

No. A Health Reimbursement Plan is not health insurance. A HRP is a Self-insured Medical Reimbursement Plan, allowed by Section 105 of the IRS code.

What type of healthcare expenses are reimbursable through ZaneHealth?

Healthcare expenses that may be reimbursed through a Health Reimbursement Plan include qualified health insurance premiums and basic preventive health services.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of participants that must enroll in a Health Reimbursement Plan?

No. Companies of all sizes can use a Health Reimbursement Plan. Additionally, there are no required minimum participation requirements, and the company determines the eligibility requirements during implementation.

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