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We've updated one of our most popular materials. See what's new in our guide to MERPs.

A Guide to Health Reimbursement Plans

Additional Reading on Health Reimbursement Plans

How Healthcare Reimbursement Plans (HRPs) Work With New "Market Reforms"

This article outlines how Healthcare Reimbursement Plans comply with the new Affordable Care Act “Market Reforms.” >> Read more.

FAQ: Can I have an HRP and an HSA at the same time?

Employers, agents, financial professionals, and employees often have questions about Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), and how they work with a Defined Contribution Health Plan, such as a Healthcare Reimbursement Plan (HRP). A common question we receive is "Can an employee have an HRP and HSA at the same time?"  The answer is:  "Absolutely, yes!" >> Read more.

Who Can Administer a Healthcare Reimbursement Plan?

Healthcare Reimbursement Plans provide small and medium sized businesses an affordable health benefits solution. A common question from business owners, HR professionals, CPAs, and brokers is "who can administer the Healthcare Reimbursement Plan?" >> Read more.

HSAs vs. HRPs (Savings Accounts vs. Reimbursement Plans)

Which is better: A Healthcare Reimbursement Plan (HRP) or a Health Savings Account (HSA)? The answer depends on what you are trying to accomplish and whether you are an employer or an employee. For most employers HRPs are superior to HSAs. >> Read more.

Individual Health Insurance Reimbursement - An Overview

Under the Affordable Care Act, small businesses (<50 employees) aren't required to offer health insurance, but most want to. And, there are new advantages of individual health insurance such as the premium tax credits and guaranteed-issue coverage. All of these factors leave small business owners looking to invest their health benefit dollars in individual health insurance reimbursement. >> Read more.

The Comprehensive Guide to the Small Business HRA