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Dental Practice Recruiting Ideas

Recruiting Ideas for Dentists

Good hires is key to the success of any company. This is true for mom-and-pop shops, start-ups, and Recruiting_ideas_for_dentistssmall dental practices... as well as Fortune 500 companies. But finding and hiring the right employee can be tough. Small dental practices are often faced with limited time and resources, and need to make each new hire count.

According to a hiring survey by CareerXroads, here are the top ways dental practices can recruit and hire employees.

Employee Referrals

Employer referrals make up 24.5%, nearly a quarter of recruits. Many small employers offer cash or other incentives to encourage employees to participate.

Career Website Page

Nearly another quarter (23.4%) of recruits hear about the job through the small business's career website page. Make sure your practice has a career website page where you list (or link to) open positions and describe your company's mission and culture.

Online Job Boards

According to the hiring survey, 18% of candidates are referred by an online job board. Small dental practices can use free job boards such as Craigslist.com and/or job board aggregator sites such as SimplyHired.com and Indeed.com. Businesses can also post paid job descriptions to general boards such as Monster.com, CarreerBuilder.com, and GlassDoor.com, and to local or regional job boards and newspapers.

Colleges & Interns

College candidates (recruits from college or within 0-2 years of graduation) represent 5% of recruits. Businesses, including dental practices, have long relied on university recruiting programs to fill entry-level positions and gain access to workers with up-to-date skills. Plus, small businesses offer recent college grads something that many large companies cannot -- opportunity for fast growth and entrepreneurship. Internships are another way to get fresh talent in the door.

Social Media

While social media is still a small percentage of how candidates say they heard about a job (3%), it is a growing strategy for dental practices. As more job seekers use social media and mobile devices to look for work, dental practices are using social media as a low-cost way to recruit, source, and interview candidates.

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