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Education on HR and Health Benefits


Veterinary Clinics Dental Practices Vision Clinics
Learn about business management, HR, and Health Benefits for veterinary clinics.
Learn about business management, HR, and Health Benefits for dental practices. Learn about business management, HR, and Health Benefits for vision clinics.
Small Businesses  Nonprofits
The definitive guide to HR and health benefits for small businesses. Learn more about specific Health Benefit options that exist for nonprofits.  

Health Benefits

Small Business Healthcare Relief Act ZaneHealth FAQ Obamacare Facts
This bill, if passed, will ensure employers can assist employees with healthcare costs. Find answers to common questions about ZaneHealth here. Learn how the ACA works, and how it impacts you with this comprehensive guide. 
Medical Reimbursement Plans Health Reimbursement Accounts Premium Reimbursement Arrangements 
These plans allow employers to reimburse their employees for some medical expenses. Learn more here. HRAs are a type of medical reimbursement account. Click here to learn about specific advantages. An arrangement where employers reimburse employees for their individual health insurance premium expenses. 
Health Reimbursement Plans  Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)  Flexible Spending Accounts
A HRP is designed for individual health insurance reimbursement. Learn more here. Learn how individuals or families can open a HSA to pay for some qualified medical expenses tax-free.   FSAs are usually 100% employee-funded, and are one way pre-tax dollars pay for medical expenses. 
Section 105 Plans  Defined Contribution Health Plans  
Section 105 Plans are used by employers in a variety of ways to allow tax-free reimbursement of medical expenses. Use DCHPs to provide employees with health benefits. Learn more here.   

Human Resources

Employee Performance HR ROI Calculations Workplace Productivity
Managing employee performance is key to successful recruiting, retention, and business growth. Learn more here.  Learn how a few simple, intentional HR data points can help you gain insight into the ROI of your HR initiatives. Increasing productivity is a top priority for many small business owners. Read here for productivity tips.