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Health Insurance Brokers

A broker or agent is a person who can help you apply for and enroll in health insurance plans, including a Qualified Health Plan (QHP) through the Marketplace. They are subject to state by state license and regulation and traditionally get payments, or commissions, from health insurers for enrolling a consumer into a provider's plans. Some brokers work only with specific health insurance companies. 

Brokers have industry knowledge and expertise, and can be a valuable resource for first-time purchasers of individual health insurance. Reasons to work with a broker include:

  • Help in filling out the insurance application.
  • Help comparing on and off-market plans at the same time. 
  • Help in evaluating coverage and network options.
  • Help in managing your plan throughout the year. 

The National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU) represents health insurance brokers, consultants, and agents across the United States. Their comprehensive database allows you to find brokers in your state that specialize in specific benefits and/or work with specific insurance companies. 

Click here for access to their brokers search tool.