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State by State Guide to Health Insurance Exchange Rates

On October 1, 2013 the state Health Insurance Exchanges open for shopping and enrollment. This article provides links to each state’s Health Insurance Exchange website, and sample rates for those which are available. As more states release their rates this article will be updated.

State Health Insurance Exchange Rates



Website with State Exchange and/or Rate Information*

Health Plan Rate Information

Alabama (federally-run)

Alabama Department of Insurance

Alabama Exchange Rates

Alaska (federally-run)

Alaska Division of Insurance

Alaska Exchange Rates

Arizona (federally-run)

Arizona Office of Health Insurance Exchange

Arizona Exchange Rates

Arkansas (partnership)

Arkansas Health Connector

Arkansas Exchange Rates


Covered California

California Exchange Rates


Connect for Health Colorado

Colorado Exchange Rates


Access Health CT

Connecticut Exchange Rates

Delaware (partnership)

Choose Health Delaware

Delaware Exchange Rates

District of Columbia

DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority

DC Exchange Rates

Florida (federally-run)

Health Choices Florida

Florida Exchange Rates

Georgia (federally-run)

Georgia Office of Insurance

Georgia Exchange Rates


Hawaii Health Connector

Hawaii Exchange Rates

Idaho (federally-run)

Idaho Health Insurance Exchange Board

Idaho Exchange Rates

Illinois (partnership)

Get Covered Illinois

Illinois Exchange Rates

Indiana (federally-run)

Indiana Department of Insurance

Indiana Exchange Rates

Iowa (partnership)

Iowa Insurance Division

Iowa Exchange Rates

Kansas (federally-run)

Kansas Insurance Commissioner

Kansas Exchange Rates



Kentucky Exchange Rates

Louisiana (federally-run)

Louisiana Department of Insurance

Louisiana Exchange Rates

Maine (federally-run)

Maine Bureau of Insurance

Maine Exchange Rates


Maryland Health Benefit Exchange

Maryland Exchange Rates


MA Health Connector

Massachusetts Exchange Rates

Michigan (partnership)

Department of Insurance and Financial Services

Michigan Exchange Rates


MN Sure

Minnesota Exchange Rates

Mississippi (federally-run)

Mississippi Health Insurance Exchange

Mississippi Exchange Rates

Missouri (federally-run)

Enroll Missouri

Missouri Exchange Rates

Montana (federally-run)

MT Commissioner of Securities and Insurance

Montana Exchange Rates

Nebraska (federally-run)

Nebraska Health Information Initiative

Nebraska Exchange Rates


Silver State Health Insurance Exchange

Nevada Exchange Rates

New Hampshire (partnership)

New Hampshire Insurance Department

New Hampshire Exchange Rates

New Jersey (federally-run)

New Jersey Citizen Action

New Jersey Exchange Rates

New Mexico (federally-run)

New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange

New Mexico Exchange Rates

New York

NY State of Health

New York Exchange Rates

North Carolina (federally-run)

North Carolina Institute of Medicine

North Carolina Exchange Rates

North Dakota (federally-run)

North Dakota Insurance Department

North Dakota Exchange Rates

Ohio (federally-run)

Ohio Department of Insurance

Ohio Exchange Rates

Oklahoma (federally-run)

Insure Oklahoma

Oklahoma Exchange Rates


Cover Oregon

Oregon Exchange Rates

Pennsylvania (federally-run)

PA Health Options

Pennsylvania Exchange Rates

Rhode Island

HealthSource RI

Rhode Island Exchange Rates

South Carolina (federally-run)

South Carolina Department of Insurance

South Carolina Exchange Rates

South Dakota (federally-run)

Health Reform SD

South Dakota Exchange Rates

Tennessee (federally-run)

Tennessee Health Insurance Exchange

Tennessee Exchange Rates

Texas (federally-run)

Texas Department of Insurance

Texas Exchange Rates


Utah Health Exchange

Utah Exchange Rates


Vermont Health Connect

Vermont Exchange Rates

Virginia (federally-run)

Virginia Health Reform Initiative

Virginia Exchange Rates


Washington Health Benefit Exchange

Washington Exchange Rates

West Virginia (partnership)

West Virginia Health Policy Unit

West Virginia Exchange Rates

Wisconsin (federally-run)

Wisconsin Commissioner of Insurance

Wisconsin Exchange Rates

Wyoming (federally-run)

Wyoming Department of Insurance

Wyoming Exchange Rates

* Note: All Federally-Run State Health Insurance Exchanges will be implemented through healthcare.gov

Chart last updated 10/23/2013. 

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