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Large Corporations Consider Dropping Health & Continuing Education for Affiliates

Affiliate Training Webinars (4/25 - 4/29)

Please see below for this week's training schedule.

Monday (4/25) at 4:00 pm EDT - Introduction to ZanePOP
Tuesday (4/26) at 4:00 pm EDT - Introduction to ZaneHRA
Wednesday (4/27) at 4:00 pm EDT - Tax Free Individual Health Insurance
Thursday (4/28) at 4:00 pm EDT - Qualifying Prospects for Zane Products
Friday (4/29) at 4:00 pm EDT - Zane System Product Demo

Click here to view the full training schedule for April.

Blog Update -- ClarifyingHealth.com

Stay informed on Health Care Reform by visiting our blog, ClarifyingHealth.com. Some of the latest topics include... 
If you have questions regarding your affiliate account or other Zane products, please email help@zanebenefits.com.

We are Revising our Online CE Courses at ZaneCE.com

In 2011, a primary objective at Zane Benefits will be to educate insurance agents about defined contribution health plans.  As part of this process, we will be updating our online CE courses at www.ZaneCE.com.  If you have suggestions or comments, click here to share them with us.

Reminder -- Add an "Authorized Zane Affiliate" Badge to Your Website

Have a website?  Add a Zane Affiliate Badge to tell your visitors about Zane products.  All visitors from your website are tracked via your affiliate ID and referred back to you for insurance sales. 

To add a badge, visit www.ZaneBenefits.com/Badge and enter your affiliate code.  The installation process is simple - the necessary HTML code is automatically generated so you can copy and paste it into your website pages.  Email marketing@zanebenefits.com with questions or concerns.

A Marketing banner is also available.

- The Zane Benefits Team

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