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Introducing PeopleKeep®

A consumerized employee benefits platform for small business.

PeopleKeep Employee Benefits Showcase

Consumerize your employee benefits today!

Save time and money by empowering employees
with tax-free dollars

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Happier Employees
Satisfied Employees
Help employees purchase their own benefits with real dollar contributions and consumer services.
Controllable Health Insurance Costs
Peace of Mind
Protect your business and employees by ensuring compliance with federal requirements.
Time Savings
Time Savings
Automate your benefit programs, HR and communications with online software.
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How PeopleKeep Health Benefits Work for Employees

  1. Employees pick the plans that best fit their needs, including their doctor.
  2. Employees keep their plans for as long as they want, even when they switch jobs.
  3. The company provides real dollar contributions to help cover the costs.
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PeopleKeep Health Benefits Employee Feature

How PeopleKeep Health Benefits Work for Companies:

  1. The company sets a monthly allowance — a defined contribution.
  2. Employees purchase their own plans with their own money — just like car insurance.
  3. The platform verifies employees' expenses, and the company reimburses employees — just like a business expense account.
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