Group health insurance is broken.

We have the solution.

Happier Employees
Happier Employees
Employees choose the health plan that best fits their families’ needs.
Controllable Health Insurance Costs
Controllable Costs
Employers fix their costs by utilizing a defined contribution approach.
Time Savings
More Time
ZaneHealth takes less than 5 minutes per month to administer online.

We help employees take control of their healthcare.

With ZaneHealth, employees:

  1. Pick the plan that best fits their needs, including their doctor.
  2. Keep their plan for as long as they want.
  3. Save money with new health care subsidies.

Employers continue to offer a health benefits program that creates happy, loyal employees.

Employee Choice Samples
How ZaneHealth Works

How does ZaneHealth work?

  1. Employer sets a monthly healthcare allowance — a "defined contribution"
  2. Employees pay for their own health plan with their own money — just like car insurance
  3. ZaneHealth reimburses employees for their health plan cost — up to their healthcare allowance
We're here to help.
Call us and speak with a Defined Contribution Specialist who will answer any questions you may have.
One of our Defined Contribution Specialists will show you how the ZaneHealth software can help you save money and create happier employees.
Check out the ZaneHealth resource center to get educated on defined contribution, individual health insurance, and health care reform.
We're here to help